Meet the Directors

The San Jose Project is a collective of 6 Directors, and 6 Committees. All directors are in charge of raising funds for SJP and running their corresponding committees. Each committee is composed of volunteers that help keep San Jose Project running.  Below is information on each of our current directors.

Patrick Wong

President & Event Director

Lara Galindez

Project Site Director

Corissa Yee

Recruitment Director

Nat Nath

Marketing Director

Christine Pham

Development Director

Amy Huang

Finance Director


If you are interested in joining a committee, please email the respective director for more information.

Project Site Committee
Develop and organize work sites for SJP Day. Collaborate with existing community centers, non-profit organizations, parks and recreation centers, and City of San Jose to establish project sites. Design original projects based on needs and resources. Recruit project site leaders to lead on SJP Day.

Marketing and Creative Committees
Publicize to the entire City of San Jose, creating a widely known, popular, and engaging image for SJP. Handle T-shirt design, manage and communicate with the webmaster for relevant web content, and handle all media related content.

Recruitment Committee
Contact, network with, and recruit student groups, corporate companies, and other organization, whose members would potentially take an active role in the project. Organize volunteer information and keep volunteers up to date on SJP events. Work with the Site Planning committee to allocate volunteers.

Finance Committee
Create a financial model for SJP Day. Communicate closely with other committees whose financial needs may change throughout the course of the planning process. Handle all reimbursements and make sure all committees are within budget. The Finance Director handles all final financial transactions.

Development Committee
Research and compose grants and funds. Create timelines of when grants/funds applications are due. Solicit businesses for donation, tools, plants, food, transportation, and sponsorship. Sort and select photographs for SJP marketing and website.

Event Planning Committee
Handle aspects of SJP occurring on the day of the event that include but are not limited to: registration, opening/closing ceremonies, food, entertainment, and transportation.


Your donation help us to fund our projects for supplies and materials that will help out local schools and communities within San Jose.