Our Goal

The San Jose Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving back to the city of San Jose. Through different service projects we hope to create a sense of unity and to positively impact our community. Our organization participates in multiple community service projects throughout the year but our most notable event is San Jose Project day. San Jose Project day is one large scale day of service in which volunteers work together to beautify and clean up the city of San Jose. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for SJP day updates regarding exact times and event details.

Our Story

The concept of San Jose Project (SJP) began in May 2011. The purpose was to bring the community together to show how a small deed can make a big difference. SJP Day is one large scale, full day of service. Check our Facebook and Twitter page to receive event detail updates for our next SJP day.

Credited to Jennifer Huynh, a UC Berkeley grad who brought the Berkeley Project to her home town of San Jose. Having grown up with great mentors, Jennifer wanted to “pay it forward” with a different approach. Now Jennifer and a group of University of California Alumnis have come together to make this one day possible, in hopes that it will become a yearly event, creating a positive impact on those who become involved.

The SJP Team would like to thank you for taking your time and finding out more about us. We all hope to see you on the day of the event!

Three Ultimate Goals

1) Beautify San Jose with the help of the community
2) Expose kids at a younger age to get involved
3) Bring the community together

*The initial idea for SJP stemmed from The Berkeley Project (BP), which stemmed from The Detroit Partnership(DP).

Please help Support US!

Your generous donations help us fund our projects with supplies and materials that will benefit local schools and communities within San Jose.